Case Studies

Case Studies/ 5 & 6 GHz Antenna

Solutions in 5 and 6 GHz

Learn more about Netpoint's successful project implementations that satisfied our customers’ needs and expectations.  

Carrier Solutions


NetPoint and 
Cambium Networks

Learn more about the successful combinations of NetPoint antennas and Cambium radios for backhaul solutions.

Force 4600c
and NP6-DP-3FT at 26 miles

The NetPoint's NP6-DP-3FT antenna and the Cambium Force 4600c radio were used to transmit at 26 miles.

Force 4600c and NP5-DP-3FT

Excellent signal level and high stability without taking full advantage of its capacity. 

Force 4600c and NP5-DP-2FT

Alignment and excellent configuration of radios as well as the good link analysis 

NP5-DP-2FT + FORCE 300

The use of good capacity at a competitive price NetPoint and Cambium Networks.

NP5-DP-2FT + PTP550E

ADN System, an ISP in Villavicencio,Colombia experienced a high demand for internet services as a result of population growth and home-based work setup due to the pandemic.


In Colombia, in a non-line-of-sight PTP link Force 300 CSM and NetPoint NP5-DP-3FT were able to communicate for a massive event with 250 Mbps.



-47 dBm signal is possible

In the case study in the city of Guadalajara, the Coeficiente company used the NPX5-HP-2FT antennas and reached extraordinary levels of -47 dBm which is ideal for choosing any radio to update their trunks.

NPX3 - Airfiber 5XHD
111 km
Amazon areas, Peru

A very narrow beamwidth can make the difference in the most critical links. 

Nayarit, Mexico

Excellent signal level and high stability without taking full advantage of its capacity. 

Sonora, Mexico

Alignment and excellent configuration of radios as well as the good link analysis 

NPX1GEN3 y radio airfiber 5xhd de ubiquiti

NPX5-HP-2FT- & Airfiber by Ubiquiti

Better Quality Using Less Power!, A case study carried out in the Yucatan Peninsula.

NPX1GEN3 y airfiber 5xhd

Undertaking WISP
with NetPoint in Puebla

Undertaking with NetPoint is an option due to the cost-benefit ratio and the support for growing WISPs deploying Ubiquiti radios.

Make antennas more directive with NetPoint Radomes for Ubiquiti

If there is a possibility to increase the signal and extend the lifetime of your Ubiquiti antennas with Netpoint radomes to gain more depth.

A backhaul for historical sites in Mexico

One of the main objectives of the backhaul is to bring the internet to the interesting places, especially in tourist areas. 

Closing the digital divide in San Diego, California with NPX.

Closing the digital divide is important everywhere, but having a strong backhaul for a metropolis like San Diego is a daunting task.

High capacity backhaul for oil rigs

A link on an oil rig is possible, find out how. 

High noise immunity with NPX and Cambium Networks | 55km and 600 Mbps

A definitive solution against noise in 5 GHz radio links.

Monitoring Center in Los Cabos Wireless
with NetPoint

Eagle Video Mx faced the challenges of data transmission and high performance for more than 400 services. This is how Netpoint resolved the issue.  

Yucatan Connected with NetPoint and Mimosa

Case studies with NetPoint's NPX2 (NPX5-HP-3FT), NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) in combination with the MR Mimosa C5C solution undoubtedly make this combination a high performance result with very low latency despite the weather conditions in Yucatan.

NetPoint and 
Mimosa Networks

Learn more about the successful combinations of NetPoint antennas and Mimosa Networks radios for backhaul solutions.

Backhaul with NetPoint NPTR5-SDP-4FT over the sea in Colombia 

The ISP  Enlaces inalámbricos Digitales S.A.S realised a 68 km high stability and low loss backhaul link with NPTR5-SDP-4FT antennas with high signal quality.

NetPoint´s Antennas Backhaul over de Sea

NPPRO + Airfiber 5XHD with Twinwaves Adapter

Did you know that the NPPRO antenna can be used with Ubiquiti? 

15 km backhaul

In Honduras, Wianet Solutions has managed to make a 15 km backhaul with the NPPRO antennas and B5X radio. 

45 km backhaul

It is possible to stop using jumpers and have a free band link transmitting 500 Mbps. 

NPPRO in Coastal Zones

Procom Soluciones used Netpoint and C5X for backhaul in a hotel zone in Nayarit, Mexico.  

What makes NPX an ideal solution for areas with high noise?

We invite you to take a look at this case that can be your
problem that can be solved with NPX2.

NP2GEN2 and the noise to another WISP
with that story!

There are times when interference is not only the problem but also the bandwidth that can be achieved.

PTP backhaul link in Mexico's capital with high interference at 5 GHz

One of the largest cities in the world with a large number of radio links, connected to the centre of Mexico City, where there are places that are still where there are places where fiber does not yet reach by permission, knows this great case study with NPX2 (NPX5-HP-3FT)

NetPoint´s Backhaul in mexico city

NPX5-HP-3FT (NPX2 )Antenna 65 km From island to the sea

On the island of La Ceiba in Honduras, a successful land connection was made in the island of Roatan. 

NP5-DP-2FT + Radwin Alpha 2000

In the state of Puebla in the high sierra region, there are places where obstructions can be present. In this case, NP1GEN (NP5-DP-2FT) managed to jump over an obstacle.  

Case Studies/ 10 and 11 GHz with NetPoint

Licensed Bands

The solution in licensed bands is not essential anymore. However, it is one of the best options for those who have spectrum licenses in higher bands but need better precision with the use of robust equipment. 

Private Sector

3 and 4 GHz
6 and 7 GHz
10 and 11 GHz

100 km backhaul with a 3 ft dish

NetPoint NPX11-HP-3FT and Mimosa B11 in humid areas without degradation.  

Hybrid network connectivity

10 GHz link with Mimosa B11 radio 44 km from Guadalajara to Tequila.

Enlaces urbanos de alta capacidad 

A definitive solution in high interference NP11 and B11 Backhaul in Guadalajara of 27 Km "bye-bye 5 GHz".

3 GHz band link in Tabasco

Wireless links are possible on licensed 3 GHz frequency with NP33 Antennas.

NP3334 antena en 3 GHz PTP

Tienes un
caso de éxito 

Documentación de caso de éxito la cual constara de un video de hasta 3 minutos de buena
resolución o grabar los dashboard, explicando el tipo de enlace donde se muestren pantallas del software con las lecturas de distancia, frecuencia, ruido. También puedes generar un documento con imágenes legibles no olvides tomar fotos de tu instalación.