Oil Zone Case Study

Caso de éxito NetPoint - Mimosa

34 dBi NP2 with Mimosa B5C Radio 68.38 km

We know that safety is the most important part of an oil platform, the strict standards within it and above all communication are the main points that are within platforms. The difficulty of being able to establish communication is a challenge, especially in the telecommunications factor. In this case it is no secret that big brands in the market such as Mimosa and Netpoint helped make this possible.

Near the coast of Veracruz are the largest oil areas in Mexico, for which, in one of these platforms located at a distance of 68.38 km, the main need to generate a link is due to the large amount of information they handle, monitoring within the platform, but especially the communication to the coast. It is known that when working in this type of communication, the conditions are demanding, due to the height of the waves, the salty environment, the humidity and above all the heavy rain conditions are a great challenge for this project, which was not impossible for Mimosa and Netpoint. The equipment to make this possible was the Mimosa B5C radios with capacities of 1.5 Gbps and NP2 dishes able to withstand the most difficult conditions of this link, they were the ideal equipment for this solution. 

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