NetPoint and PTP550

NPX2 (NPX5-HP-3FT) + Cambium Networks PTP 550, Puebla 


As part of line upgrades, Redcom’s Ing. Edgar Ramírez planned to enhance communication in its distant backhauls at 52 km where the internet coverage is compromised that even cell phone signals cannot reach.The recommended solution is the combination of NPX2 and PTP550. These are recommended for a robust backhaul design. They were selected because Redcom’s backup were NP2 antennas and Mimosa B5C radio. By choosing NPX, link interference and compatibility issues can be avoided. It is also important to close the lobes so that an antenna does not listen to the other.       

NetPoint NP2
Antena NetPoint
Hombre - Antena NetPoint - Cambium Networks PTP550
NetPoint - PTP550E NPX2
DISH NETPOINT and mimosa

Installation of NetPoint's dish NPX5-HP-3FT (NPX2)

The alignment process with the millimeter adjustment plate was excellent since the beam of this antenna is very narrow which allowed stable link. This also prevented direct change in the tower. With the new backhaul design, 571 mbps aggregate and zero loss were achieved. 

Antena NP2 Mimosa

B5C and PTP550

Antena NPX2 -  Antena NP2

Distance between both links

Result Netpoint and Cambium PTP550

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