NPX2 Netpoint and B5C Mimosa Networks

Installation in the Oaxaca highlands

More regions of Oaxaca connected thanks to TSEE with Gigabite internet

Undoubtedly one of the best motivations for the development of an ISP is to bring internet to inaccessible places like what TSEE has achieved in Oaxaca, Mexico.In combination with the NPX3 model with interference shielding they obtained a 1 GB transmission link with B5C from Mimosa Networks.

NPX2 and B5C

Image Description

Hitting the target was difficult but we did it.

One of the biggest challenges of making backhaul links over long distances is always to align with the highest precision as CEO Ebenezer Cruz of TSEE says "It was difficult to hit the target but we managed to do it as the antennas have a very narrow beam width but are super directive".

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