NPX5-HP-2FT + 5ACGEN2 in Cerro del Palomar Guadalajara, Mexico

In Cerro del Palomar Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico a backhaul was made at a distance of 15 km to sustain the video surveillance cameras. 

NPX1GEN3 - NPX5DP2FT antena para alto ruido
Resultados NPX1GEN3 con Ubiquiti


Undoubtedly, the results of this wireless link gave the client a throughput of 369 - 239.95 Mbps using the combination of the NPX5-HP-2FT antenna and the Ubiquiti Rocket Prism 5ACGEN2 radio.  

Advantages of Using NPXGEN3

High directivity

Signal levels


High directivity: Being an urban type of backhaul, the challenge will always be interference. A high quality backhaul must be maintained to ensure stable communication. 

Signal level: Para poder obtener un mejor resultado siempre es alcanzar los mejores niveles de señal disponible pero hoy con las nuevas actualizaciones

Cost-Benefit: Without a doubt, one of the great successes of NetPoint in the GEN3 is to maintain a competitive cost since they are optimized in terms of results, operating expenses and low maintenance.