Antena NPX1GEN3 - NPX5-HP-2FT

NPX5-HP-2FT + Airfiber 5XHD Yucatan, Mexico

The NPX5-HP-2FT Antenna and Ubiquiti Airfiber5XHD radio is an excellent combination to build a good backhaul in an area with high interference. Among the features of NPX5-HP-2FT are:    

  • Easy to install 

  • Strong backhaul 

  • Capacity up to 600 Mbps 

  • Directive antennas 

  • Noise shielding 

  • Jumper included is compatible with Ubiquiti 

Why use Netpoint NPX5-HP-2FT? 

Why use Netpoint NPX5-HP-2FT?

To build a stable wireless link, a high-performance device such as the NPX5-HP-2FT (NPX1GEN3) deep parabolic antenna is required. Its 2 ft or 60 cm diameter size can help to achieve a stable link with a distance of up to 30 km.

In a community in Yucatan, Mexico, there are 40 MHz transmission channels that transmit 403.97 Mbps of data using Ubiquiti Airfiber 5XHD radio. Line availability is 98.7% caused by the high temperatures and humidity in the region. In this scenario, NPX5-HP-2FT works well due to its high capacity and compatibility with Airfiber 5XHD.