NPPROS + C5X Nayarit Mexico

Case study of NPPRO antennas and C5X combination as backhaul solution for a hotel in Nayarit, Mexico. 

PROCOM SOLUCIONES is an ISP in Nayarit, Mexico. One of its challenges is to deliver a high quality internet service especially in fast-developing tourist areas. Procom requires devices with IP67 quality which qualifies the combination of Netpoint NPPRO antennas and Mimosa C5X. NPPRO antennas have high decibels that can overcome the obstacles like degradation caused by the sea.

Equipos utilizados:





A feasibility study was conducted by Procom in one of the hotels in Nayarit tourist area. It was provided with a satellite internet with latency and only 20 megabytes for its main operations. It shares its network with another facility with CPE, 4 miles away. Using Mimosa software, the link performance was analyzed. The result is that despite the continuous degradation of the environment, the link has a data transmission capacity of 300 megabytes. After the analysis, the backhaul was upgraded to NPPRO5-S-DP-1FT and C5X. 

Simplicity & Efficiency

With the installation of NPPRO5-S-DP-1FT and C5X, the customer was confident with the demand of their internal operations. They entrusted their service to NetPoint and Mimosa Network due to their cost-effective and reliable solution.