(NP11) Antenna

NetPoint 10-11 GHz licensed band antenna

Antena NP11 NetPoint
Microwave Antenna NetPoint

NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) is a high-end microwave antenna made of high quality materials. It is designed to work in difficult conditions, areas with noise saturation or saline environments.  

Antena NP11 para mimosa B11

NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) Antenna for Licensed Bands

The NetPoint NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) is ideal for building links in licensed bands from 10 to 11 GHz. It is useful for carriers looking for stability and data transfer where the 5 GHz band is no longer an option. Take note that in some countries, this band may require a license to operate.  

Antena NP11 de NetPoint
Millimeter Adjustment 
  NetPoint NPX11-HP-3FT Antenna

NPX11-HP-3FT has a millimeter adjustment, a component of microwave-type antennas that enables very fine firing. NPX11-HP-3FT can also generate an accurate alignment thus providing stability in the vertical and horizontal plane.   

Technical Specifications NetPoint NPX11

NetPoint NP11 Technical Specification

Frequently Asked Questions NetPoint´s NPX11

  • What are the radios compatible with NPX11-HP-3FT antenna? NPX11-HP-3FT is compatible with Mimosa B11. It goes from the frequency of 10.2 - 11.7 GHz with the data transmission capacity up to 1.7 Gbps. We are also designing a connector that will make it compatible with connectorized radios like Ubiquity AF11 .
  • Does the NPX11-HP-3FT antenna need pigtails? No. NPX11-HP-3FT is a microwave antenna meaning its waveguide is directional even without the use of the traditional pigtail. The radio must be mounted directly to the antenna.
  • Do you need a license to use the 10 and 11 GHz band? Each country has different regulations. In the United States, Canada and Mexico, it is classified as a licensed band. Kindly consult Salazar y Solis Abogados for the permit procedures in Mexico to validate the authenticity.
  • What is the type of mounting for an NPX11-HP-3FT antenna? Its millimeter adjustment allows a vertical or lateral type mounting. It has a telescopic rigid arm that is incorporated into the hardware that allows rotations. It is also capable of horizontal azimuth to improve the alignment for more stable links and avoid vibration.
  • Does the NPX11-HP-3FT have a radome? NPX11-HP-3FT antenna has an armor that provides a greater depth and performance of deep parabolas.