NetPoint and Ubiquiti 
Case Studies

Advancing the mission bridging the digital divide with NetPoint and Ubiquiti
Undertaking WISP with NetPoint and Ubiquiti in Puebla

Undertaking with NetPoint is an option due to the cost-benefit ratio and the support for growing WISPs deploying Ubiquiti radios.

Cibertux a growing carrier with NetPoint NP1GEN2 and Airfiber 5XHD 

For long distance deployment and many hops NP1GEN2 and Airfiber 5XHD a bet on the growth of new coverage areas in the State of Puebla in Mexico.

WISP Evolution optimises services in Hotel Zones in Quintana Roo

The growth of hotel zones in Mexico has led to higher quality services and lower latency, which is why WISP EVOLUTION's NPTR models were the best option against the salty climate.

Make antennas more directive with NetPoint Radomes for Ubiquiti

If there is a possibility to increase the signal and extend the lifetime of your Ubiquiti antennas with Netpoint radomes to gain more depth.

112 km backhaul on the Amazon Peru

In one of the most remote regions of Peru, a 112 km backhaul was carried out to further expand WISP coverage.

High performance backhaul for supermarkets in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 

Linking in the big cities means generating new business opportunities such as the growth of supermarkets for dedicated links with Netpoint and Ubiquiti.

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