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NP2 + Netmetal case study

Undoubtedly using Mikrotik technology allows us to deploy high quality deployments such as those of the Mexican Internet company Wifi Farret who decided to use NP2 antennas and Netmetal radios where areas with high constant electrical discharges to the weather is the only thing that is not won however Wifi Farret has been able to deal with this, establishing excellent communication and maintaining a high reliability service for its customers and keep communications in operation.

Netpoint NP2
Instalación de Antena  NP2 de 34 dbi
Antena NP2 Wifi Farret

    At an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level called "Cerro humo pelón" located in the high Chinantla in Santiago Comaltepec, Ixtlán de Juarez they managed to link at a distance of 19.26mi with a high interference zone and these are the                                                                 results that the company shares with us.

Resultados NetPoint Mikrotik

Wifi Farret an internet provider 100% reliable, professional and with excellent customer service, we appreciate your trust and we offer our support for being a company committed to reducing the digital divide.

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