NetPoint and Mimosa Networks 
Case Studies

Advancing the mission bridging the digital divide with NetPoint and Mimosa
Backhaul of 1 Gb Mimosa Netpoint
Backhaul of 1 Gb is possible in Sonora

Undoubtedly, high capacity backhaul links, such as the one in the state of Sonora in Mexico, is one of the best indicators of best practices such as alignment, excellent radio configuration and good link studies. By the company TCS Networks

Netpoint at the Segurity
EagleVideoMX Connects Two Large Cities on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

Creating security is the most important thing in a city, so we invite you to learn about the success story of the Los Cabos government's control centre, created by Eagle Video Mx.

Netpoint antennas at San diego California
Jelly Digital bridging the digital divide in San Diego

High-capacity hybrid networks in San Diego are possible thanks to the use of NetPoint and Mimosa by the company Jelly Digital.

Netpoint on oil platforms
High capacity links for oil rigs "Goodbye latency"​.

Goodbye latency, hello start of new, more optimised operations for PEMEX platform workers in Mexico.

Good alignment makes a difference

For high interference locations, there is no substitute for a highly directive antenna to meet the challenges in the radio spectrum.

Take your place on the spectrum

TCS Networks in the Bahia de Kino area of Sonora provides high quality internet despite high noise levels.

A defective solution to high interference NP11 and B11 Backhaul in Guadalajara

An ideal solution when licensed to use bands at 10 and 11 GHz may be the best option for sending data in high interference areas with NP11(NPX11-HP-3FT) and B11.

Cerro Viejo a high interference from Cerro el Caldero
100 km is possible 

100 km / 62 Miles for a super backhaul to run the police command and control centre in Jalisco, departing from its capital in Guadalajara.

High internet availability in the Yucatan Peninsula

Case studies with NetPoint's NPX2 (NPX5-HP-3FT), NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) in combination with the MR Mimosa C5C solution undoubtedly make this combination a high performance result with very low latency despite the weather conditions in Yucatan.

Facilities in remote region of Oaxaca

We know that safety is the most important part of an oil platform, the strict standards within it and above all communication are the main points that are within platforms.

A backhaul solution for hotels in remote areas

Case study of a c5X compatible antenna for backhaul in a hotel zone in Nayarit, Mexico by Procom Soluciones.

High-capacity backhaul link in one of the world's largest cities Mexico City

Netpoint Antennas
Mimosa and Netpoint: the perfect marriage

The preservation of historical sites is important but more important is to generate a high availability connection like the one I made in San Jose de Gracia in Jalisco.

A backhaul solution for hotels in remote areas

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