Amazing 111 km backhaul 

Case Study NPX3 (NPX5-HP-3FT) by NetPoint®

Vegetation a difficult challenge 

Working a link in an area where there is no interference is very easy, but doing it in a place where there is a lot of vegetation is a real challenge the greatest need of the project is to be able to carry a capacity higher than 200 Mbps, for this, a lot of line of sight studies were carried out, also working with different tools within the network to make the link possible.

Amazonas NetPoint Antennas
NPX3(NPX5-HP-3FT) Antenna NetPoint
Installation on site

The equipment used for this project was radios
AF5XHD radios from UBIQUITI® and with NPX3 (NPX5-HP-3FT) antenna from NetPoint®, considering the distance of 111 km, it was necessary to have equipment that was that were robust, that had an excellent design and a large capacity. As part of the implementation process, 2 towers were installed, the first one at 12 metres above sea level. Towers, the first at 12 metres offset by the height of 'point A' in relation to 'point B'. point A' in relation to 'point B' where an additional 20 metres were metres more, leaving a height of 60 metres; this will help both the inclination and This will help in both the tilt and elevation of the two pieces of equipment.

Backhaul Airfiber 5XHD Ubiquiti And Antenna NetPoint NPX (NPX5-HP-4FT)

Once the antennas had been installed at both points, the results were surprising, in spite of the distance and the challenge of this installation, we obtained an Despite the distance and the challenge of this installation, a link of 111 km was obtained, with a capacity of more than 200 Mbps capacity of over 200 Mbps, making it clear that AF5XHD radios with NPX3 antennas are a solution that breaks all expectations.
solution that breaks all expectations.

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