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Bridging the digital divide in San Diego

Undoubtedly one of the most important challenges in large metropolitan areas in the United States is to have a backhaul capacity to be able to have links that can generate confidence for the creation of large networks to provide both dedicated services and provide good transmission to end customers, at Otay Mountain in San Diego.

Jelly Digital NetPoint Antennas US

Getting the most out of hybrid networks

Jelly Digital, faced with the urban growth in Chulavista and surrounding areas, decided to implement NPX2 model antennas at a distance of 31 miles to feed the networks of end customers in various areas of San Diego and especially to combine fiber optic networks with wireless networks that provided high stability with Mimosa B5C radios, reaching a bandwidth of 700 Mbps.

The most important challenge of this installation was to take advantage of the radome shield protection built into the NetPoint NPX model antennas and thus gain more gain against the noise of a high traffic wireless network area in San Diego and provide more confidence in the brand by becoming a spearhead in installations where high stability is needed to keep customers happy. Today we can say as a company that Jelly Digital has become the first integrator and active brand partner in the United States providing high quality services on the West Coast.

NetPoint antennas US

NetPoint at Otay Mountain

"An amazing result and versatility of NetPoint, we will continue to opt for this combination".

Jelly Digital confirms that the best combination for wireless networks is NetPoint and Mimosa, Jelly Digital also provides internet to Baja California México through its border crossing fiber between San Diego and Tijuana through its affiliated partner México Internet Exchange. México Internet Exchange owns and operates 27 towers and its own fiber plant in Baja California as far south as Ensenada.

You may reach Jelly Digital at: or México Internet Exchange at

Norman Jester CEO - Jelly Digital San Diego

"We have netpoint dishes on many towers. We use them for point to point backhaul and also a narrow beam sectors, we are very happy of the performance of NetPoint"

Norman Jester

CEO Jelly Digital

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