Connectivity with
Hybrid Network in
Rural Communities

One of the biggest challenges that a growing company can experience is to bring backhaul to large distances in order to grow in a shorter time, however, 5 GHz solutions become insufficient due to interference. Today, TRADOSA, in its growth journey, opted for NetPoint NP11 and Mimosa Networks B11 equipment to generate a 10 GHz backhaul, taking advantage of its license to create a backhaul to the town of Ayutla in Jalisco to provide high efficiency internet to support the control and monitoring centre of the local government.

For this deployment they needed 400 Mbps, which was not possible at 5 GHz due to the fact that the 3,000 metre high exit point at Cerro Viejo is one of the busiest TELECOM locations in Jalisco. Therefore, the NP11 antennas were a fast deployment solution for the link, which they were able to achieve with a 3-foot dish, as they are awaiting the launch of the 4-foot dish for microwave links with NetPoint's B11.

Results obtained

NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11)

3-Foot Parabolic Antenna DP 10.7-11.7 GHz 38 dBi BW 2 degrees direct mount for Mimosa B11 includes Radome and stiff Arm 

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