NPX2 + C5C Heroic Guaymas, Sonora

Good alignment makes a difference

In Guaymas, Sonora, the neighboring San Carlos port sought to improve its telecommunication services for port operations and residents in the area. Its current internet service is unable to offer stable data transmission due to distances of the main cities and its telecom infrastructure capacity is already insufficient for a growing city. Although there are a number of WISP services, the quality is not optimal. This link consists of a trunk coming from Hermosillo, Sonora which serves as a redundant service but the level of interference is incomparable to large cities in Mexico. Added to this are degradations in the coastal area as we can see in the spectrum of this trunk. For this reason, the integrator opted to make a 5 Ghz and 6 Ghz link with NPX2 antennas and Mimosa C5C radios.

NP2 en alto ruido 54 km | Mimosa C5C

Instalación NP2
NetPoint en Sonora


  • Alignment and fine tuning. To reach the central lobe of the antenna, the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 radio was used at its full power at 5800 frequency and 20 MHz channel width and tuned to 10 MHz.
  • Calculate the power of the radios vs. distance and frequency. The real noise levels were reviewed to have the lowest dBi request.
  • Tape the Jumpers or Pigtails well. The dipole was taped to the connector to avoid leaks.
  • Thicker turrets were used or upgraded to models like the Z35 or Z45.
  • Do not install the antenna on a tower. The installation was on the arm to avoid vibrations from the tower.
  • Install ARNP2 armor or use NPX if you have a lot of towers around.
Enlace con antena np2 54 kilometros  | NetPoint - Mimosa


For links of this type, it is not necessary to have the 80 MHz channels working, but ensure a good alignment to avoid hitting the secondary lobes of the antenna. Antennas of good quality, lightweight, and above all, accessories such as radomes can be implemented. For those who say that the armors are not useful, they are wrong because they must evaluate the modulation of their radio vs the quality of the signal that their antenna emanates before and after the chains of both links were validated.