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NetPoint NPGEN2 is compatible with radios:

Mimosa Networks | NetPoint
Cambium Networks
Ligo Wave
Antena NPGEN2 - Antena NetPoint

NPGEN2 antenna
A Carrier Class quality antenna

The NetPoint NPGEN2 (NP5-DP) is a lightweight antenna for backhaul in areas where there is less noise. It is directive for greater transmission of megabytes and stability. 

Technical Specifications Models NP5-DP

netpoint NP5-DP Netpoint NP1GEN2 -NP2GEN2 - NPTR3 antennas
Antenas NP1GEN2 de Netpoint

High performance 2 ft - 60 cm  parabolic dish antenna for backhauls of frequency range 4.9 - 6.4 GHz with a distance of up to 30 km. 

Antena NP2GEN2 - Antenas para enlace punto a punto 5 Ghz - Frecuencia 4.9 a 6.4 GHz

High performance 3 ft - 90 cm  parabolic dish antenna for backhauls of frequency range 4.9 - 6.4 GHz with a distance of up to 70 km. 

Antena para WISP - NetPoint Parabolic Antenas de 37 dBi

High performance 4 ft -120 cm   super parabolic dish antenna for backhauls of frequency range 4.9 - 6.4 GHz with a distance of up to 120 km. 

Jumper NP142 N - SMA

NP142 Jumper N - SMA

NP142 is a flexible jumper made of 30 cm copper with double mesh shielding, 96% silver bath and TFE Teflon insulation with SMA male of 0.1 dBi loss. This is ideal for Ubiquiti, Mimosa Networks, Cambium Networks radios. NP142 is included when you purchase Netpoint antennas. 

Jumper N a N (NP142N)

NP142N Jumper N to N

NP142N is an ideal jumper for robust radios on the market such as Mimosa B5C, Cambium PTP500C. This cable can be requested from Netpoint’s authorized distributor. 

How to slant NetPoint antennas?

Check out our procedures on how to slant antennas. 

Como hacer el slant en las antenas Netpoint

Preguntas frecuentes Antenas modelos NPGEN2

  • What radios are compatible with NPGEN2 (NP5-DP)? The NPGEN2 antennas are compatible with connectorized radio brands such as Mimosa Networks, Cambium Networks, Radwin, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik among others. Take note that the operating frequency is from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz.
  • Does the NPGEN2 (NP5-DP) antenna have pigtails or jumper? Yes. The antenna packages include a pair of NP142 jumpers with N to SMA input. If you require a N to N jumper, you may request them from your distributor.
  • Do I need to register my antenna once I make the purchase? Yes. Kindly register your antennas for future technical support and warranty ( registration link ).
  • Is NPGEN2 (NP5-DP) compatible with NPX (NPX5-HP) or NPTR (NPTR5-DP) antennas? Yes. You can use the combinations in different scenarios as long as the radii are the same. There are great possibilities that it will work, however the results may vary.
  • What accessories can be used on NPGEN2 antennas? We have accessories that can help you build a more professional backhaul. For example you can shield your antennas with NetPoint armor. You can use the windbreak radome in places where it is needed to protect your towers and even use a SAVP, new stabilizer arm that we have built for this model.