Parabolic Antenna NP11

NetPoint 10-11 GHz band antenna

Antena NP11 NetPoint
Antena Backhaul

High-end backhaul antennas, designed with super high quality material to work in the most difficult conditions, noise saturation or salty environment. 10 -11 GHz extended frequency design.

Antena NP11 para mimosa B11

NP11 an antenna for licensed bands

The NetPoint NP11 is an ideal antenna for backhaul in the 10 to 11 GHz licensed bands for all carriers looking for stability and data transfer where the 5 GHz band is no longer an option, remembering that this band in some countries requires a licence to operate. 

Antena NP11 de NetPoint
Millimetric adjustment in NP11

It is no secret that the microwave antenna is a very fine shot, so we added a millimetric adjustment capable of generating an accurate alignment as well as providing stability in the vertical and horizontal plane.

Technical specifications

Especificaciones técnicas NP11 de NetPoint

FAQ´s Parabolic Antenna NP11

  • NP11 with which radio can it be used? The compatible radio for this antenna is B11 from Mimosa Networks ranging from 10.2 - 11.7 GHz and the achievable capacity is up to 1.7 Gb. 
  •   Does the NP11 antenna need pigtails? No, being a microwave antenna, its waveguide is direct without the traditional pigtail, so you have to mount the radio directly to the antenna.
  • Did you need a licence to use the 10 and 11 GHz band? Each country has different regulations, in the cases of the United States, Canada and Mexico it is so classified as a licensed band, we invite you to consult with your licensing legal services provider for US or Canada licensing procedures. 
  •   What is the mounting type of the NP11 antenna? It is a side mount type which is complemented with millimetric adjustment for vertical and a rigid telescopic arm is incorporated into the hardware which rotates and the antenna acquires a horizontal azimuth to improve the alignment of the antenna and make it more stable and we can avoid vibration (included in the Model NP11).
  • Is the NP11 equipped with a radome? The NetPoint NP11 antenna is armoured to provide greater depth and performance of the deep parabolic dishes, and care was taken not to make it a heavy antenna.
  • Will the NP11 antenna be compatible with other radios? Yes, we are currently working on creating a connector with the features to be used with connectorised radios such as AF11.

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