Reliable, interference-free backhaul and CPE

Parabolic antenna NP6-DP
5.9- 7.2 GHz

Higher capacity and high directivity

NetPoint antenna at 6 GHz
Why use a 6 GHz antenna?

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) face new challenges such as capacity with a limited amount of spectrum. But this capacity can be solved with 6 GHz which can provide high demand with a unique combination of low latency services in PTP Backhaul and CPE type networks. The NP6 antenna is compatible with 6.2 - 7.2 GHz frequency connectorized radios.

NetPoint 6 GHz parabolic antennas

Antena NP6 | Frecuencia 6.2  a 7.2 GHz

Operating Frequency: 5.9 - 7.2 GHz
Beamwidth: 3° aperture
Diameter: 95 cm | 3.11 ft
Gain: 32 dBi
Connection Type: N Female
Front to back: > 40 db
VSWR: <2.0

A specialized antenna for wireless link applications for data and internet services either backhaul or CPE.

Maximum survivable wind speed: 200 km/hr
Elevation azimuth: +/- 15°.
Horizontal adjustment azimuth: +/- 60°.
Operating temperature: -49 to +140 F° | -45 to +60 C°
Connection type: N Female
Mast Diameter: Minimum 1 inch - 25.4mm | Maximum 2.95 inch 75.00mm
Weight: 10 kg

The NP6-DP antenna is compatible with the Cambium Networks Force 4600C radio.

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