NetPoint® Premium Backhaul Antenna

Netpoint® is a brand of point-to-point antennas from Antenas de Jalisco company with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing wireless solutions for the ISP operator. Our approach is to listen to what the operator wants to improve the quality of their communications, with high gain antennas and mechanical efficiency.

Our solutions range from 3 GHz - 4 GHz - 5 GHz - 6 GHz - 10 GHz - 11 GHz frequencies. NetPoint® antennas offer high quality, the best cost/benefit, original design as well as Mexican manufacturing with focus on the needs of the telecommunications market.

Our history

In 1972, Ing. J. Ignacio Agraz Gómez entered amateur radio and in his eagerness to improve the quality of communications he experimented with different types of systems, taking into account that 95 % of the communication is achieved thanks to the antenna and 5 % to the equipment.

It was in 1974 that he manufactured an Omnidirectional antenna for his own use, which was a success for several radio amateurs who quickly requested antennas. As demand grew, he set up a small workshop where he manufactured the first order for the company that is now Motorola de Mexico.

From then on, the company began to develop and innovate in other areas of telecommunications with satellite dishes. In 1994 the company began to compete in the foreign market with a large volume of exports. In 2016 we decided to innovate again by creating our NetPoint antenna range resulting in exports to more than 18 countries by 2021.