Case Study Armors UN34 for Ubiquiti Antennas

Ubiquiti compatible with directivity

There are many accessories to improve the quality of the Ubiquiti brand antennas but in NetPoint we decided to make the difference in providing a shielding with the ability to reduce noise from the antennas that are around the links and enhancing the negotiation capacity of some as are the cases of AIRFIBER 5XHD that modulates better its signal according to the signal strength. It is also worth noting that this case is a case of an engineer who has used our brand but nevertheless prefers to use Ubiquiti which is very acceptable so he decided to give a chance to the UN30 and UN34 armours. 

Armadura para antena RDg34

Low space in the tower

Blindaje para Ubiquiti NetPoint

Armour with a strong skeleton

Better modulation

When installing the antennas there are 2 things to consider, the first is that there is very little space on the tower which generates interference from the antennas themselves due to the small separation, the second is that the capacity of the radios modulated better by isolating the internal noise of the tower itself, as well as the same way we proceeded to make a second fine tuning as the antenna became more directive in its firing beam. 

Before and after armouring

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