PTP 550 and NPX2

RedCom - Calitec case study

As part of some upgrades to trunks the company Redcom of Eng. Edgar Ramirez, sought to establish better communication in their distant links to 32.31mi where internet coverage is compromised because even cellular signals did not reach. The combination of NPX2 antennas and the PTP550E from Cambium Networks was used. 

NetPoint NP2
Antena NetPoint
Hombre - Antena NetPoint - Cambium Networks PTP550
NetPoint - PTP550E NPX2

The challenge

One of the main reasons for using radios like PTP550e was the robustness and accuracy that our link needed as we had a back-up line for a Mimosa branded link with B5C and a NetPoint NP2 antenna. Another feature was also that using a model like NPX was to avoid interference on a link that was practically fine. One of the most important features was to close the lobes so that one antenna does not listen to the other.  

Antena NP2 Mimosa

B5C and PTP550E

Antena NPX2 -  Antena NP2

Distance between the two links

The alignment process with the millimetric adjustment plate was excellent as the beam of this antenna is very narrow, but it allows to obtain a good stability of the link as well as we looked for that the tower had no play to be able to manoeuvre, a recommendation avoid installing directly to tower. This can generate vibrations. In our case we were able to generate a link where we achieved 571 mbps aggregated in zero loss.

We recommend and continue to implement NetPoint in our projects as well as the combination of Cambium Networks for the stability and cost-effectiveness that both brands offer as an added value in excellent robustness. 

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