PTP550C and NP1 - Colombia

750 Mbps Backhaul Link

In the city of Villavicencio in Colombia the company ADN SYSTEM was experiencing a high demand for a large growth in the area, as well as the pandemic had forced the use of more dedicated internet services had factors that committed them to generate higher quality networks such as the availability of technologies that in some cases are very uncompetitive (easy to acquire) in Colombia as well as there are mountain ranges that do not help to achieve good quality links as it makes the areas very competitive. The company, when looking for a robust solution, consulted SYSCOM Colombia on the recommendation of a brand in the combination of NetPoint and Cambium Networks antennas. The panorama as mentioned by Mr. Ian Pineda was not the best because the city has been developed and has generated a lot of demand as well as great interference in the areas as shown in the previous study: 

Enlace NetPoint en Colombia

The installation process

Our process, like many others, begins with the selection of the product to be used based on its capabilities and our needs, this whole research process is absolutely necessary to carry out a correct implementation of the equipment within our organisation. That is why for this specific case we selected the NetPoint NP1 30 dBi antennas for use with Cambium PTP 550 equipment ideal for operating as a Backbone within a Network. 

NetPoint en Colombia - Villavicencio - Antenas NetPoint - Cambium Networks Colombia

On the way to installation

The results of the implementation 

Something that can be highlighted in the NetPoint antennas is that its assembly process is relatively easy and it has focused on obtaining very light hardware so that in simple infrastructures do not make much weight, additionally we can see that the antenna behaves very well in all bands is very stable allowing very good alignment values, another feature was the antenna allowed excellent modulation to obtain 750 mbps taking full advantage of the PTP550c cambium channels with zero loss.  

Alineación Antena Netpoint y Cambium Networks

Alignment levels

Netpoint para interferencia - Cambium PTP550

Good alignment vs. interference

Performance achieved

Netpoint y Cambium Networks

Link test

Netpoint para altos megas en enlaces PTP

Test Vs Mikrotik

Netpoint | Antenas para WISP