67.72mi Link Zacatecas,Mexico

The company 3tech S.A. de C.V. carried out a comparative test taking into account the following antenna models: Ubiquiti RD5G34 and NetPoint NP3 with Mimosa B5C radios. To see the real impact, it was decided to install the antennas in a problematic link with a distance of 67.72 mi and a considerable level of noise, through which it is necessary to pass 50 Mbps symmetrical, reliable after 3 weeks of testing, the following results were obtained:

Antes de las Netpoint

Link spectrum at different times

Comparison with the RDG34 coil

There is the problem of constant disconnections and low traffic measurements in one direction as shown in the picture, normally the lowest traffic is in the direction where the receiving location has the highest noise index, this link became a problem, because it had to be constantly monitored to change frequencies every time the link was disconnected or degraded.

Mimosa - Ubiquiti

NP3 antennas installed

We achieved better link stability, with an increase in signal level of approximately 3 dB, but increased the performance, achieving after 3 weeks of testing, a sustained average traffic of 100 Mbps x 100 mbps with the same bandwidth in both directions, which we had not achieved with the previous antennas, clarifying that if equivalent measurements can be obtained with ubiquiti antennas, the significant difference is in the quality of the link.

The tests were performed on a link in operation, to see the real immediate benefit, and to define a useful data to take it as a reference for future links, because the antennas were replaced, it was not possible to make simultaneous tests, for that reason, it is considered a preliminary test, the tests were done with the feeder at 90 degrees, we need to test at 45 degrees, we tested 1 month with the feeder at 90 degrees, we will change it to 45 degrees and in a month we will have the average of the tests. 

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