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Public and private security: the challenge of modernising the new reality.

In these times where technological advances have forced us to opt for better options to provide security solutions in private areas but above all to improve the quality of public services, it is no secret that there are systems with poor management but no product is bad if there are no solutions that are not suitable for very specific sectors. An example of these are the brands Hikvision and NetPoint who have achieved a fusion in quality and stability providing the best solutions in connectivity and video surveillance aimed at a good profitable investment. Hikvision's specialised solutions in facial recognition, vehicle tracking and discreet designs have positioned Hikvision as one of the largest technological solutions in the world. However, all these solutions cannot work without having an efficient back-up connection for data processing, as NetPoint provides stability through internet links as a back-up for the main networks, which are a clear example of efficiency in the handling and management of security in this day and age. 

Installation Los Cabos, Baja California.

Efficiency and Versatility

A perfect combination is the use and care of urban spaces as NetPoint being a wireless internet solution allows the correct processing of networks to connect large cities such as San Jose del Cabo, Leon, Tecamachalco among other municipalities and private facilities.

Governments using the solution
NetPoint and Hikvision in CCTV.

Leading companies in CCTV solutions in Public Safety

Eagle Video has undoubtedly provided the city of Los Cabos and its surrounding area with solutions to create one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico.

Reliance on NetPoint in video surveillance systems.

Los Cabos Command and Control Centre

Coming soon you will see this project working in real time on this website by Eagle Video
(Live camera connected from NetPoint antenna)

Security & Communication Systems

Intelligent video surveillance: Monitor, record and visualise your indoor and outdoor environment

Installation NPX1 with Quanta 5, León Guanajuato

Avoid wiring

Guanajuato cradle of Mexico with strict urban codes to maintain the beauty of the state allows the city to be monitored at all times.

A solution for roads and main roads of highways 

Taking care of your safety

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